Every year for about the last ten years we have had the privilege of participating in a ministry to the people of Ukraine, particularly children by providing free dental care. It has been provided with portable dental equipment in state orphanages and churches.

This is a Christian outreach that began in the 1990s with the pioneering work of some pastors, oral surgeons and dentists from the Minnesota Baptist General Conference, now called Converge Worldwide. These brave professionals volunteered their services and built friendships with Ukrainian members of their professions. As a result Shepherd’s Foundation was created and hundreds of volunteers from Minnesota travel to Ukraine every year to run summer camps, provide health care and serve in a variety of other ways. For more details please visit www.shepherdsfoundation.org.

Since 2005 our part has been to provide basic and restorative dental care for children two weeks every October in the village of Dumanci, which is in the Cherkassy province in central Ukraine.